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Syringe Tin Solder Paste

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The solder paste's high quality, excellent wetting, and reliability.
Can effectively prevent printing collapsing and preheat,
Tacky for a long time, easy to dry, and sticky for more than 48 hours.
The test, fine-clean, and cleaning performance are unaffected by a colorless transparent.
Products that are wetting, anti-drying, and have a long shelf life at room temperature.

Solder tin paste is a new solder material that is included with SMT.
Solder paste is a complex system composed of solder powder, flux, and other additives.
The solder tin paste has a certain viscosity at room temperature, and the electronic component
can be initially fixed in a predetermined position.

Syringe Tin Solder Paste is a high viscosity no-clean flux, it can be used for PCB, SMD, reworking,
it can be used for soldering and reballing of computer and phone chips.

Turn counterclockwise to open the tube cover then open the bottom cover to put on the putter
after that rotate clockwise and install the needle and its ready to use. Since the product needs to be refrigerated to 0-10℃, it needs to be taken out and thawed before use, and the board should be preheated before use, so that the solder paste will be smoother.

Type : XG-z40
Alloy : Sn63/Pb37
Microns : 20-38um
Weight : 35g
Type: 1 Set XG-z40 
Dimension: 95mm

Package include:
1x 10cc XG-z40 Solder Paste
1x Syringe push
1x Blunt end tip