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Rearview Mirror Defogging Heating Sheets

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Never have frosty and foggy side mirrors with these Rearview Mirror Defogging Heating Sheets! It has a heating element that helps melt snow and frost, and a defogging element that helps clear out rain and fog from your side mirrors!

The automatic power-off module matched with the heating plate can automatically control the power-on and power-off time, which can ensure high-current heating, but also completely avoid the dry burning state, which greatly improves the safety of driving in rainy and snowy weather. The working mode of the automatic power-off module is: power-on for 10 minutes, power-off for 3 minutes, then power-on for 10 minutes, power-off for 3 minutes, and this reciprocating cycle. Ensure that the heating element can work stably for a long time and avoid dry burning

It's made from a versatile material that makes it easy to fit any shaped and sized side mirror! It works perfectly with almost any standard sidemirror. Use it on any model car!

Before installing the Rearview Mirror Defogging Heating Sheets, make sure to completely remove first the side mirror and prepare it.

1. Remove Side Mirror From The Base
2. Heat Up The Parts To Separate The Mirror
3. Detach Side Mirror From Plastic Backing
4. And Disconnect The Electronic Wiring

After preparing the side mirror, you can now begin installing the Rearview Mirror Defogging Heating Sheets

5. Peel Off Heating Sheet
6. Glue Heat Sheet To Back Of Mirror
7. Connect Electronic Wiring
8. Put The Side Mirror Back Together Again
9. Complete The Installation And You're Done!

You can also choose from 2 incredible sets

Set 1 gives you the basic tools plus a Power Remote that gives you control over the Rearview Mirror Defogging Heating Sheets

Set 2 also gives you the basic tools but gives you Automatic Power Off ModuleAutomatically Powers On for 10 minutes and Powers Off for 3 minutes.

Product Specifications:


Set 1 includes: 1x Rearview Mirror Defogging Heating Sheets + Power Remote
Set 2 includes: 1x Rearview Mirror Defogging Heating Sheets + Automatic Power Off Module