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Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bangle

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Before We Introduce Our New Product, See What Our Happy Customers Have To Say!

"I've recently worn this bangle and I was losing more weight per week on average ever since. It's been helping me reach my goal weight faster!" ★ - Sally Drinkwater, 29, San Diego, California

"I've had problematic fat on different parts of my body. After wearing the bangle for a while now, the problematic fat have significantly reduced! Thank You!" ★ - Wendy Holding, 36, San Diego, California

Copper: A Weight Loss Powerhouse Backed By Scientific Studies

Scientific studies have already identified copper as a big factor in reducing fat and promoting weight loss. A study by the researchers from The University of California, Berkley have even clarified that claim, stating that copper helps move fat out of fat cells called adipocytes, and brings it into the bloodstream where the body can use it and convert it into energy.

Another observation was a deficiency of copper in the body translated to fat cells not being utilized. Without copper, the body cannot use the fat and convert it into usable energy. Instead, the fat just constantly builds up and is left to accumulate in fat deposits in our body. 

Copper and Magnet Therapy: Why They're Important

When Copper and Magnets work together and worn close to your joints, it's believed they help increase blood flow in those same joints. Because of it they bring healing nutrients like iron and vitamin C to them. These nutrients help unclog fat and cholesterol in our blood vessels.

Because of these observations, it was concluded that magnetic and copper therapy can lower the risk and effectiveness of health problems, especially when it comes to hypertension, obesity or excessive weight gain, and high cholesterol. Copper and magnet therapy achieves this by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body while helping convert fat into energy.

Even More Benefits Of Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bangle Unraveled by Scientific Studies

A study published in the Journal of Nature Chemical Biology detailed even more benefits of copper and magnetic therapy and articulated how it worked. They observed that copper acts as a brake. When we're inactive, enzymes in our body stops the fat burning process and store fat. Copper stops that from happening so that our bodies can continually burn fat even when we're inactive.

 "This new pure copper magnetic therapy bangle is a game changer in health and wellness. While not everyone is at risk of hypertension or high cholesterol, the bangle provides an easy preventive measure that you can wear. And if you're trying to lose weight, you should also consider the bangle and reap its benefits of weight loss and fat conversion to energy."- Dr. Langdon Neuer, Cardiology, MD

Here's Why Our Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bangle Is A Great Choice For You!

  • Moves Fat Out of Fat Cells and Converts it to Energy
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Balances Cholesterol Levels in the Body
  • Improves Circulation
  • Prevents Hypertension
  • Lowers Risk of High Cholesterol

"One of the most surprising weight loss accessories I've ever tried! It actually works! So happy I found this, it helped me a lot to get to my goal weight!" ★★★★★ - Alyssa Scott

"I was amazed by how helpful the copper bangle was. I never expected that such a simple accessory can help aid in my fitness goals!" ★ - Aria Kennedy


  • Materials: Copper, Brass, Magnets
  • Length: 170mm
  • Variants: Gold/Red Copper/Rose Gold

What's In The Box:

  • 1x Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bangle