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Multifunctional Car Trash Organizer

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Multifunctional Car Trash Organizer features a waterproof 3-gallon interior, wet items like a paper mess, coffee cups, food can be disposed of safely with no odor. Our Car Garbage Bag can excellently manage the waste inside. The inner material keeps the temperature of the object for some time.

All in one Cooler Bag, Organizer Bag, Waste Basket, and a Litter Bin. Whether you are going on a road trip or looking for an organizer bag for your car. You can also use this car storage bag during picnics, camping, beaches, etc.

  Our Organizer is a multipurpose trash can that mounts to your car's armrest, headrest, and pretty much anywhere inside your car. This makes it simple and easy to install on any car seat for a secure fit. Fits any vehicle. 

 8 REASONS to BUY a Multifunctional Car Trash Organizer!!!
1. Clean your car in seconds 
2. Save 1000's of plastic bags 
3. Never Litter Again 
4. It Makes a great gift 
5. Use it as a cooler
6. Use it as a storage bag / travel bag
7. It comes with 4 BIG pockets
8. Washable / Reusable / Waterproof


1 X Multifunctional Car Trash Organizer