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LED Trichromatic Spectrum Facial Device

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Get your skin back to its best with LED light therapy!
    • Rejuvenates and Revives Your Skin
    • Brightens Up Your Face
    • Allows Skin Collagen To Activate
    • Targets and Reduces Acne
    • Improves Facial Circulation
    • Uses Fixed Wavelength LED Light
    • Red Light Activates Collagen
    • Blue Light Targets Acne
    • Orange Light Brightens Skin
    • Use Anytime and Anywhere!
    • 3 Led Light Therapy Modes
    • Red Light Facial Therapy
    • Blue Light Facial Therapy
    • Orange Light Facial Therapy
    • Recommended Use: Once Daily After Washing Your Face For About 15 Minutes Each time
Package Includes:
                     1x LED Trichromatic Spectrum Facial Device