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Leather Canvas Pouch

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Beautiful canvas pouch for all your outing adventures! 
Features a collapsible design, this Leather Canvas Pouch is specifically perfect for outdoor activities and workshopping!

Foldable Design - Its foldable design makes it convenient to use on outdoor activities, to have a ready extra storage for your delicate items or harvested goods.
Belt Loop - Attach the loop on your belt using the two metal clasp for easier and hands-free access when you’re on the trail or full-handed. 
Leather + Canvas - The pouch is stylish and precisely handcrafted. It is made of soft waxed canvas and quality leather, to ensure it's durability and reliability. 
It is an on-the-go pouch bag and multipurpose for an easier foraging, harvesting, and carrying of your stuffs. 
Package Includes: 1pc/2pcs x Leather Canvas Pouch