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Health Protecting Sheets

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These Health Protection Pellets help prevent liver pain from all the different symptoms and sources! So that you don't have to deal with any of them! It's the perfect patch to really give you a much needed health boost!

 It also improves your liver health and resolve pains and other difficulties that you are experiencing everyday! Regain your best health and enjoy doing more of the things you love!

 Say goodbye to any fatty liver problems! With these Health Protection Pellets, you can live your life to the fullest without worries! 

 It's made from 100% healthy and natural ingredients that is sure to make you feel good, feel healthy, and feel 100%! Each piece of the Health Protection Pellets is made up of Astragalus Root, Sophora Root, Euodia, Female Ginseng, Poria Root, and Raw Pinellia! Combined together, they're sure to give you a rejuvenating feeling!

All it takes is just 4 steps to get your body back into tip top shape! All you have to do is wash your body cleanly, unpack the protection pellets, apply to your abdomen or feet, and feel better in no time! Make sure to keep using the Health Protection Pellets between 8 to 12 hours every night, to get its maximum benefits!

Not Suitable For: People with allergies or pregnant and lactating women.


Product Specifications:

- 1 set (6 pcs)
- 2 sets (12 pcs)