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GreenWood Organic Liquid Fertilizer

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Instantly give plants the nutrients they need to flourish with our GreenWood Organic Liquid Fertilizer! 

Fast-Acting - Penetrates the soil immediately, plants are given faster access to the nutrients. Some plants will see results from this application almost immediately. 

Nourishes Plants - This will help nourish and promote vigorous growth and prolonged flowering of all plants from the house: green plants and flowering plants. Contains trace elements that promote resistance. 

Healthier Plants - Liquid fertilizer is better at balancing the pH of the soil based on the chemicals they are delivering. Liquid options can make for healthier plants, which is another reason why they often are a smart option for crops. 

Uniform Application - Can seep into the soil and spread more uniformly, thus giving your fields an even consistent coating so that all plants receive the same nutrients regardless of location. 

Easy to Use - Using the cap of the bottle, apply this directly to the soil around your container plants. 

Package Includes:
1 set/2 sets/3 sets x GreenWood Organic Liquid Fertilizer