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FlyTraps Indoor and Outdoor Noiseless Mosquito Catcher

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Effectively kill bug, mosquito, fly, moth and other small flying insects within 20 square meters, can be used everywhere indoor or outdoor (use in home, garden, portable use as a tent camping lights or restaurant, hotel, cafe commercial use etc.

This mosquito trap killer features 365nm bionic purple light wave trapping technology which mosquitoes have no resistance, pure physical way to kill mosquitoes efficiently. Intelligent warming close to body temperature, realistic simulation of the human body's daily life state, mosquito attraction ability doubled.

Every detail of the air flow has been carefully designed, improving every detail on the basis of reducing noise, and working in an imperceptibly quiet way.

No more pesticides or harmful sprays. Useful bug zapper, it does not pose a threat to the health of humans or pets and is ideally suited where insecticides cannot be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals.

Mosquito Killer is a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, balcony, garden, courtyard, or any other places to protect you from all kinds of annoying bugs.

The Mosquito Catcher is easy to turn on. The simple way to start the fly trap is to plug it into the USB port that connects the power source. Covering a large area, the indoor insect killer is a perfect solution for indoor spaces such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, garden, and so on.

Powered by USB to be attached with Power Bank, Mobile Charger, Laptop, Desktop Computer etc. (charger icon)

1 x FlyTraps Indoor and Outdoor Noiseless Mosquito Catcher

1 x USB Cable