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EMS Angel Face Body Roller

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Looking for a device for skin firming & wrinkle removing, improving sagging skin and aging wrinkles? 

EMS Angel Face Body Roller is here for you! Effective in skin brightening & beautifying, improves skin tone and texture! 

The EMS Angel Face Body Roller has a special electric pulse to instantly open the gap of the skin, forming an input channel for the active ingredient, and introducing the essence of the skin care product into the dermis layer. 

RF Radio Frequency can penetrate the epidermis, makes the dermis heat, stimulate collagen, use with nutrient solution, directly reach the muscle base, absorb nutrients, help to rejuvenate skin, and make skin looks young. 

180 degree rotation is suitable for all parts  and can massage the skin from different directions. 

How to Use
After cleaning the skin, apply skin care products and adjust the current intensity according to your needs. 

Package Includes: 1 x EMS Angel Face Body Roller