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Bottled Beer InstaFoamer

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Want to give your bottled beer the full-headed flavor? 

Bottled Beer InstaFoamer creates a soft and rich creamy foam brings you milky white and silky taste. This unique mechanism rotates and attracts the surrounding bottled beer when the bottled beer enters the glass through the sleeve. 

QUICK FOAMING - It will produce the required number of bubbles, the beer foaming design, enrich the beer fresh and refreshing experience, taste the silky milk-like feel foam; inject rich and delicate foam, everyone can easily make a golden ratio beer. 

WORKS ON GLASS BOTTLES - The Bottled Beer InstaFoamer attachment fits on standard beer bottles with a pry-off cap. In addition to being used on beer bottles, the Bottled Beer InstaFoamer attachment can also be used with any other carbonated drink that has a pry-off cap (colas, mineral waters, etc.) 

EASY TO USE - Connect the air tube to the beer pourer. When the beer passes through the sleeve, it will rotate to make the surrounding air and the beer stronger, and then insert the beer pourer into the beer bottle. 

Package Include: 1 x Bottled Beer InstaFoamer